1. Root Causes for AA Attachment Style
  2. How the AA Feels in a Relationship
  3. How the AA Attaches with Others
  4. The Core Wounds and Triggers of the AA
  5. Enmeshment Trauma, Codependency and AA Attachment
  6. Healthy Habits for the AA
  7. Subconscious Reprogramming Tools for the AA
  8. Important Needs for the AA to Heal
  9. How the AA Interacts with Other Attachment Styles
  10. How to Get the AA Back/Fix the Relationship
  11. Effective Communication Strategies and Awareness
  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Workbook & Course Summary Worksheet

    • Welcome & Itinerary

    • How to Recognize the Anxious Attachment

    • Root Causes of Anxious Preoccupied Attachment

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    • Internal & External Core Wounds for The Anxious Attachment

    • Subconscious Re-Programming Tools for The Anxiously Attached Individual

    • Subconscious Re-Programming Tools for The Anxiously Attached Individual - Part 2

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    • The Subconscious Needs in the Seven Areas of Life for the Anxiously Attached

    • Communicating Effectively With Other Attachment Styles

    • Final Quiz

  • 4


    • Anxious Attachment Style Webinar - Oct. 22nd

    • Anxious Attachment Webinar Round 2 with Open Q&A - Nov. 2nd

    • Open Attachment Style Q&A - Nov. 16th

    • Interactions Between the Anxious Attachment and the Dismissive Avoidant - Nov. 30th

    • Open Attachment Style Q&A - Tools as You're Becoming More Secure - Jan. 18th

Stop Abandonment & Rejection in A Relationship

(Anxious Attachment Style Re-Programming)

This course will help you to drastically reduce anxious feelings while in a relationship. If you are tired of feeling overwhelming stress when your partner isn’t available, or struggle to maintain healthy boundaries while in a relationship, this course will help you change these emotional patterns.

You’ll learn how to release your fear of abandonment and rejection, show up for your needs in a way that prevents your partner from taking you for granted and have a healthy, lasting bond once and for all.

If you’re the partner of the anxiously attached individual, this will help you to develop strategies to create a healthy mix of independence and connectedness, create security and stability in your connection and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

*Recommended for Anxious Attachments and loved ones of Anxious Attachments.
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