Stop Abandonment & Rejection in A Relationship (Anxious Attachment Style Re-Programming)

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This course contains 3 hours and 28 minutes of video content, webinars and quizzes.

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you feel an underlying sense of anxiety in your relationships even when things are going well? Are you the type of person that would do anything for your partner, expecting the same in return – yet somehow rather than being rewarded with more closeness, you feel them pull away? 

Does it ever feel like you:

  • Lose yourself in relationships, forgetting your friends, family, and your hobbies? 
  • Struggle with low self-esteem and have a hard time being alone?
  • Feel tempted to give up on relationships altogether?
  • Are in a state of constant fear and anxiety that people close to you will abandon you?
  • Get triggered and take it personally when your partner doesn’t immediately return your calls or texts?
  • Keep attracting partners that are emotionally unavailable?

These relationship challenges indicate that you have an anxious preoccupied attachment style blocking you from experiencing the love and connection you desire.

You’re not alone. You’re in the right place to change that once and for all!

In this course, you can look forward to...

  • Cultivating more self-worth and quitting people-pleasing for good, allowing you to set healthy boundaries and radiate “don’t mess with me” energy – while keeping your heart open!
  • Shifting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” and stop taking your partner’s need for space personally so you can experience the balanced and joyful relationships you deserve!
  • Learning daily tools, tips, and strategies to feel excited about relationships and dating again.
  • Understanding where your fear of abandonment and rejection comes from so you can trust your partner and feel safe in any romantic relationship that you enter.
  • Tapping into a sense of safety and stability from within no matter what so you can finally get off the emotional rollercoaster dating and relationships can be. 
  • Unlocking the blueprint for attracting partners that are reliable, present, and ready to commit!

Here's A Sneak Peek Into What We'll Cover


    1. Welcome Video

    2. Download Your Course Materials

    1. How to Recognize Anxious Attachment

    2. Root Causes of Anxious Attachment

    1. Internal & External Core Wounds for The Anxious Attachment

    2. Subconscious Re-Programming Tools for The Anxiously Attached Individual

    3. Workbook Exercise 1: Personal BTEA Equation

    4. Subconscious Re-Programming Tools for The Anxiously Attached Individual - Part 2

    5. Workbook Exercise 2: Belief Re-Programming Rituals with Autosuggestion

    6. Workbook Exercise 3: Thought Upgrading & Emotional Processing

    7. Workbook Exercise 4: Action Re-Programming Exercise

    8. Workbook Exercise 5: Self-Soothing - A Step-by-Step Guide to Meeting Your Own Needs!

    9. Workbook Exercise 6: Healthy Habits & Questions for Self-Connection

    1. The Subconscious Needs in the Seven Areas of Life for the Anxiously Attached

    2. Workbook Exercise 7: Becoming Aware of Self-Abandonment

    3. Communicating Effectively With Other Attachment Styles

    4. Workbook Exercise 8: Conflict Communication - Feelings & Needs Exercise

    5. Final Quiz

    6. Course Feedback

    1. Interactions Between the Anxious Attachment and the Dismissive Avoidant - Nov. 30th

    2. Open Attachment Style Q&A - Nov. 16th

    3. Anxious Attachment Webinar Round 2 with Open Q&A - Nov. 2nd

    4. Anxious Attachment Style Webinar - Oct. 22nd

How It Works

The Stop Abandonment & Rejection in A Relationship (Anxious Attachment Style Re-Programming) is a self-paced online course. Study for a few minutes daily, or take the whole course in a day – whatever suits your lifestyle. You’ll:


    Embrace the concept of micro-learning and learning on-the-go! With The Personal Development School, you don’t need long hours and heavy textbooks. Reprogram your attachment style through short but powerful videos. Like many other students, you’ll find Thais’ way of teaching engaging and easy to follow!


    Start applying what you learn instantly! With just the right balance between challenging and fun, the exercises help you connect the dots between the teachings and the relationship challenges you’ve experienced. That way, you can start to make shifts and see your love life improve pronto! Print the workbook to make notes or write directly in the digital edition.


    A certificate that marks the start of your new, upgraded love life. When you implement the information in the course, you’ll elevate into a new way of relating that will last you a lifetime!

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Stop Abandonment & Rejection in A Relationship (Anxious Attachment Style Re-Programming)

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This course can be the 1 thing that changes everything!

Congratulation! Since you’ve made it all the way here, I know one thing about you: you are dedicated to changing. You are a tenacious and brave person. And you will 100% make it. Let’s get this journey started - I believe in you!


When you up level your life through The Personal Development School, you’ll experience phenomenal things:

    • You learn to create healthy, stable relationships where you feel loved and safe. 
    • You create helpful habits to start behaving like a secure person. With our All-Access Pass, you’ll also join our community where you can connect with people who get you.
    • You feel the relief of accepting and loving yourself and being comfortable on your own – and from that space, attracting the relationships you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Attachment styles are the result of early childhood experiences that set the tone for how we interact in our relationships. A person's attachment style is based on their early relationships with a primary caregiver. An anxious attachment (or anxious preoccupied attachment style) is one of the four main attachment styles. Anxious attachment develops when a child receives any form of emotional neglect or inconsistent parenting pattern during their child development. As a result, they can end up experiencing several challenges in their adult relationships as anxious adults. Attachment styles have a lifelong influence on interpersonal relationships, but with the right self-awareness and self-reflection, it is possible for anxious adults to transition away from having insecure attachment styles to having a more secure attachment style so that they can enter healthy relationships.

  • People with anxious attachment styles typically suffer from low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, and negative emotions. Those with anxious attachments can often suffer from anxiety disorders. They need constant reassurance in romantic relationships, have trouble setting appropriate boundaries, and can feel overwhelming anxiety when their partner (or other people in close relationships) aren't available to them. Because they have an insecure attachment style, they may be overly dependent on their partners and do anything they can to facilitate emotional closeness with them, even at the cost of their own needs. The good news is that they can change attachment style with the right help and support.

  • Yes! Our aim with the Anxious Attachment Style Reprogramming Course is to help you shift from an insecure attachment style into secure attachment. Instead of needing constant reassurance, battling low self-esteem, and attracting partners with other insecure attachment styles (like disorganized attachment or avoidant attachment), you'll be able to implement the learnings from attachment theory to develop secure adult attachment! The result is secure relationships where you both meet each other's emotional needs without codependency. This is referred to in psychology as "corrective emotional experiences" and is what you'll go through in the course!

  • If you identify as an anxious person, then this course is what you need to start understanding where these attachment style challenges, unconscious emotional dynamics, and attachment patterns come from and how you can start changing them to start managing your own stress to start experiencing healthier relationships. This course will teach you how to release your fear of abandonment and rejection, show up for your needs in a way that prevents your partner from taking you for granted, and have a healthy relationship and emotional closeness once and for all. You will begin to recognize your anxious attachment triggers and know what steps you need to take to address them as they come up to avoid repeating your anxious behaviors that push your romantic partners away. The ultimate goal of the course is to help you transition away from your insecure attachment style to become securely attached.

  • If you're the partner of the anxiously attached person, this will help you to understand how anxious attachment affects your relationship. You will learn how to communicate best with your partner and what strategies you need to take to create a healthy mix of independence and connectedness that feel secure for your anxious partner. You will learn how to meet their need for constant reassurance in a way that honors your boundaries and helps your partner get out of that pattern. This course will help you create more stability and security in both of your lives so you can enjoy a secure relationship that lasts.

  • Absolutely not! Healing your attachment style is the foundation for attracting healthier relationships. So if you’re currently single, now is a great time to work on your attachment style so that you can call in a relationship based on trust, love, and safety. Build a solid foundation of empowering beliefs and high self-esteem to attract a partner who’s aligned with your lifestyle and values, feels safe, and is ready to commit.

  • Attachment theory was founded in the 1950s by the British psychologist John Bowlby. He noticed a difference between children with secure attachment styles and those with attachment issues, like the constant need for reassurance, making a big deal of the slightest disappointment from a caregiver, or taking distance from the caregiver. These childhood patterns directly affected the person's adult relationships.