Upcoming Courses:


  1. Transform Depression - Understand the 3 major subconscious root causes of depression and create deep healing through re-programming techniques to finally experience joy and well-being again that last.
  2.  Life Purpose Course - Understand your subconscious mind through deep self-awareness work and use this to create a detailed vision of your life and future. This will allow you to truly feel empowered, clear and passionate about your life.
  3.  Dismissive Avoidant and Fearful Avoidant Attachment Dynamic - Learn the dynamics of the FA and DA attachment relationship in depth. Understand the challenges and learn how to work out core issues in an efficient and effective manner.
  4. Dismissive Avoidant and Anxious Attachment Dynamic - Learn the dynamics of the AA and DA attachment relationship in depth. Understand the challenges and learn how to work out core issues in a permanent manner.
  5. Anxious Attachment and Fearful Avoidant Attachment Dynamic - Learn the dynamics of the FA and AA attachment relationship in depth. Understand the challenges and learn how to work out core issues in a permanent manner.
  6. Transform Your Relationship with Anger - Heal underlying wounds and root causes of anger to feel in control of your emotional state, express yourself effectively and feel empowered without hurting your relationships any longer!
  7. Post-Traumatic Growth Course -  Learn how to use pain and suffering as an opportunity for deep healing, self-understanding and growth through this powerful course. Remember peace and joy, show up in your relationships at your highest potential and feel safe connecting deeply with others again.
  8. Co-Dependency and Enmeshment Course - Heal from limiting subconscious programs that keep you enmeshed, codependent and disconnected from your authentic self. Finally start creating healthy, balanced relationships that leave you feeling fulfilled and secure on a daily basis!
  9. Know Yourself: Subconscious Blueprint/Needs - Do a deep dive into your subconscious blueprint and understand the three levels of needs that are deeply impacting your decisions and behavior at all times. Know yourself!
  10. Conflict Resolution & Effective Communication Course - You can finally learn how to properly be seen, heard and understood through effective self-awareness, followed by a clear framework to express your feelings and needs. This course will make you feel equipped to work through any challenge and actual create deep resolution and connection between yourself and the ones you love.
  11. Life-Mapping and Organization - Learn how to set goals effectively by engaging the subconscious mind in all 7 areas of life. Effectively break down your goals into actionable, achievable steps and create healthy daily habits to support your success.
  12. Children of Narcissistic Parents: Healing - Learn the core wounds connected to growing up in a narcissistic household, as well as how to resolve and re-program these wounds for deep healing and transformation.
  13. Boundaries and Assertiveness Training -  Identify the core limiting beliefs that make you afraid to say no. Learn what your boundaries are in each of the 7 areas of life and how to express yourself assertively without causing conflict in your relationships.
  14. Dismissive Avoidant's: How They Handle Break Ups or Getting Back Together - Learn the inside scoop on the DA’s patterns, mind and needs in order to heal from your break up effectively or salvage the relationship in time.
  15. Fearful Avoidant's: Break Ups or Getting Back Together - Learn the FA’s patterns and needs during a time of break up. This is a course for FA’s to properly heal during a break up or for partners to learn how to salvage the relationship.
  16. Anxious Attachment's: Break Ups or Getting Back Together - Learn the AA’s patterns and needs during a time of break up. This is a course for AA’s to properly heal during a break up or for partners to learn how to salvage the relationship.
  17. Heal Core Wounds from Parents - Understand the specific core wounds you picked up from your family in childhood through a specific self-reflection process. Learn how to transform these wounds for deep healing at the subconscious level.
  18. Releasing Resentment and Learning How to Forgive - Learn your core resentment patterns and how to truly release them to create a lighter, freer version of yourself that is no longer stuck in the past.
  19. Healing From A Break-Up - We are not grieving a person’s form, but a very specific set of needs and traits our partner brought into our lives. Find out what these are and how to process your emotions around them in order to find relief and empower yourself post break-up. 
  20. Subconscious Re-Programming Course -This is a deep dive on how the subconscious works and ALL effective reprogramming processes so you can master your own programming and understand the dynamics of your mind!
  21. How to Parent for A Secure Child In this course we’ll dive into what a child needs in order to create a secure attachment style. You’ll also learn how to undo any past “mistakes” from an attachment trauma perspective in order to best equip your child to thrive throughout their life.
  22. Relationship Mastery Course - This is a detailed course where we’ll discuss attachment, feelings, the science of attraction, love languages, relationship triggers and how to master the art of relationship with others.
  23. Overcoming Betrayal - Learn how to trust again! Repair old subconscious wounds from painful past betrayals, release resentment and enter new relationships free of fear.
  24. Deep Introspection and Self-Analysis - This course will be a deep dive into all aspects of self. We will cover all major pillars of self: needs, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, actions and traits. You will understand what your personality is comprised of and the conscious and subconscious level.
  25. How to Stop Ruminating - Understanding that rumination is connected to deeply unmet needs and core wounds – learn how to transform this once and for all and gain back control of your mind.
  26. Chronic Fatigue/Burnout - In this course you’ll discover that there are subconscious patterns that lead to burnout at both the emotional and behavioral level. Learn how to create massive transformation and finally bring balance, energy and peace back into your life.
  27. Shadow Work and Projection - These course does a deep dive into the subconscious mind to integrate disowned aspects of self and deeply understand why we project and how to heal the fragmented traits within ourselves.
  28. Mind Mastery Course - This course provides essential insight into how to master the mind through awareness, focus, mindfulness and thought re-patterning tools in order to harness your full potential.
  29. Manifestation and Visualization Course - Learn how to use your RAS and subconscious programming techniques to manifest your vision at accelerated speed without resistance from limiting beliefs or old fear-based patterns.
  30. Money Mastery Course for Generating Abundance - Isolate and transform all limiting programming in your relationship with money while developing the emotional patterning needed to manifest profound abundance in any of the 7 areas of life.
  31. Transforming Addictive Patterns - Transform subconscious wounds and unmet needs associated with addiction in order to break the cycle once and for all. 
  32. Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food - Learn why you emotionally eat and dive deep into creating new habits and reprogramming at the subconscious level to transform your relationship to food.
  33. Overcoming Fears and Phobias - Use your fears and phobias as an opportunity for growth in this course by surfacing the subconscious reasons they exist and transforming them at the deepest level to finally experience freedom.
  34. Ending Loneliness - Re-build a true relationship to self in order to feel at peace during your alone time and feel comfortable building new and empowering relationships.
  35. How to Connect Deeply with Others: The Science of Connection - Learn what makes people feel connected and how to apply these tools in close existing relationships or in building new and inspiring connections.
  36. Overcome Core Wounds from Bullying - Heal from painful wounds resulting from bullying in the past. Regain your confidence and finally experience peace of mind around people again!
  37. Bring Intimacy Back into Your Relationship - Learn how we disconnect and lose intimacy over time. Understand the core patterns associated with physical and emotional closeness. Re-program your subconscious mind to break down barriers that are standing between you and your partner having a healthy sex life!
  38. Plus many more coming soon!