Emotional Mastery & Belief Reprogramming

Learn to control your emotions instead of letting them control you in less than 1 week using 1 simple real-time tool from this 5-star rated course

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you feel the adrenaline rush and lash out over small things – only to regret it moments later? Or maybe you are so used to suppressing negative emotions you have forgotten how it feels to be really happy?

Does it ever feel like you:

  • Have a short fuse and let your emotions go out over your loved ones? 
  • Are on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster, feeling constantly out of control? 
  • Numb yourself or turn to addictions as soon as things feel uncomfortable?
  • Look for someone to blame why you feel the way you do?
  • Believe there’s something wrong with you for feeling so deeply?
    Judge yourself for lower emotions like anger, anxiety, or sadness, thinking “I should be past this”? 

If so, you’re not alone – and it’s not your fault! You just haven’t learned how to have a healthy relationship with your emotions and use them as the superpower they can be. 

In this course, you can look forward to…

  • Learning how to turn your emotions from enemies to allies that make your life so much better!
  • Understanding why you feel the way you do and release any guilt or shame around your emotional life.
  • Identifying subconscious beliefs holding you back in your relationships, career, and finances – and how to alchemize them into abundance.
  • Discovering how to instantly shift from reacting to reflecting when you feel triggered.
  • Getting “aha” moments about repeated negative experiences in your life, and how to attract more aligned ones. 
  • Uncovering the secrets to creating the reality you want to see in all areas of your life.

Here's A Sneak Peek Into What We'll Cover


    1. Welcome Video

    2. Download Your Course Materials

    1. Learning Amy's Story

    1. Your Subconscious Mind's Reality Filter

    2. Key Components to Reprogramming Your Reality Filter

    3. Workbook Exercise 1: What Beliefs Shape My Life

    4. Workbook Exercise 2 (Part 1): Take Inventory

    5. Workbook Exercise 2 (Part 2): Thought and Belief Reflection

    1. How to Find Core Beliefs

    2. Workbook Exercise 3: How to Find a Core Belief

    3. Workbook Exercise 4: Personal BTEA Equation

    4. Neutralizing Negative Core Beliefs

    5. Workbook Exercise 5: Transforming Limiting Beliefs

    1. Mastering Your Emotions

    2. Workbook Exercise 6: Noticing the Relationship Between Your Thoughts and Emotions and The Emotional Processing Tool

    3. Access Immediate Relief with the Emotional Processing Tool

    1. Action Reprogramming and Personal Needs

    2. Workbook Exercise 7: Action Reprogramming and Personal Needs

    3. Deep Belief Reprogramming

    4. Workbook Exercise 8: Belief Reprogramming Rituals with Autosuggestion

    5. Workbook Exercise 9: Exposure-Response Programming

    6. Workbook Exercise 10: Vision of The Future for Reprogramming

How It Works

The Emotional Mastery & Belief Reprogramming is a self-paced online course. You’re free to take it on your own schedule – devour all modules in an afternoon, or take a module on your commute or coffee break.


    Thais Gibson is known for her captivating and to-the-point teachings: you can easily follow along even in topics completely new to you. The videos are pre-recorded – so this course adapts to your agenda!


    Turn the theory into transformations through the carefully selected exercises. Open it on the screen or print it if you’re a paper-and-pen kind of person.


    Optional: frame it on your wall! You can now look forward to a life where your every action and decision is aligned with truth rather than fear. That’s the power of mastering your emotions. And since your life is a sequence of decisions, better decisions = better life!

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Emotional Mastery & Belief Reprogramming

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This course can be the 1 thing that changes everything!

Congratulation! Since you’ve made it all the way here, I know one thing about you: you are dedicated to changing. You are a tenacious and brave person. And you will 100% make it. Let’s get this journey started - I believe in you!


When you up level your life through The Personal Development School, you’ll experience phenomenal things:

    • You elevate your emotional intelligence and choose your reaction with integrity when a trigger occurs. 
    • You create supportive habits to further anchor your empowering beliefs. With our All-Access Pass, you’ll also join our engaged community on a similar journey as you.
    • You embody self-compassion and self-love – and as a consequence, feel better on the daily and get more motivated to achieve your dreams! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you want to master your emotions and beliefs, instead of letting them run your life, this course is for you! Since every decision and action you take are based on how you feel, regardless of how rational you consider yourself, your emotions directly determine your life quality. Another part of the equation is your mindset, beliefs, and thoughts. In this course, you'll learn the connection between your mindset, beliefs, emotions, and actions. These basic qualities are not just the starting point of creating the life you want to see – the right mindset and emotional management are springboards for your dreams!

  • Roughly said, there are two mindsets: fixed and growth mindsets. With a fixed mindset, students of personal development courses tend to absorb less of the learning opportunity, since a more fixed mindset tends to believe change is not possible. People with fixed mindsets believe that intelligence, personality or character – together with initial talents – determine if one becomes a winner or a loser by society's standards. They may be reluctant to make new connections, feel deficient, have low self-esteem, and care a lot about whether they look smart or dumb. They are secretly worried about what others think about them, and have this one consuming goal of proving themselves.Conversely, those with a growth mindset are more prone to risk-taking and diving into new challenges. They feel like a winner from trying rather than succeeding. They aren't afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone, learning new skills, and taking accountability for their actions. They avoid making stories about events and don't see their results as a confirmation of their intelligence (or lack thereof). Every situation is evaluated through a rather objective lens and challenges are seen as learning opportunities. People with growth mindsets tend to believe that with the right behavior, effort, and willingness to learn new skills, they have the ability to create anything! So while a certain moral character plays a significant role in which of the two mindsets a person has, the right attitude and effort can make the whole difference in developing a growth mindset.

  • Whether you have a fixed or growth mindset depends on "nature and nurture". That's good news – people with a fixed mindset, and more fixed traits in general, can develop a growth mindset! Regardless of whether your most basic characteristics inspire a more fixed mindset or a growth mindset, developing a growth mindset is always possible. You can always use the cards you're dealt for a royal flush!

  • When we face challenges, it helps to have both a growth mindset and emotional mastery since they create a positive feedback loop. Your emotions, mindset or thoughts, beliefs, and actions form an equation where each factor affects the other. A growth mindset helps you challenge yourself at the moment emotions arise, and learn from your emotions without assigning meaning to them. This attitude helps you change focus from yourself to the message the emotions convey. Growth mindset and emotional mastery are not innate abilities, or qualities of a certain personality, but something we can learn through subconscious reprogramming. And that's what this course will help you do!

  • Absolutely! If you do the exercises in the workbook, and start to monitor your mindset in your daily life, this course will support you in shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. With a fixed mindset, you may think that traits like intelligence, personality, or character determine your mindset, and that the determinant between fixed and growth mindset is beyond our control. But it is not an innate ability – with a little effort, and smart strategies for reprogramming fixed mindsets, you can develop the basic qualities that support a growth mindset!

  • Yes! This course is designed to be taken on its own. It doesn't require any knowledge of social psychology. It will challenge you to look at your mindset, shift into a growth mindset, and focus on learning how to master your emotions – so that when the situation calls for it, you can alchemize your emotions in the moment. Sometimes, we believe that change inevitably requires hard work. While it does take some effort, it is smart to have an attitude of allowing things to be easy. The philosophy behind The Personal Development School is to move away from the idea that change is hard and that you need years to change your behavior. The key to fast and sustained growth is to work on your subconscious mind – something all our courses do! Our courses are based on new psychology research and we have paved the path to making the effort as minimal as possible from your end. Once you've seen the mind-blowing results, the challenge will rather be to stay away from the other courses and from keeping to grow, evolve, and rise!

  • This course is designed to fit into your life – not the other way around! It requires only a certain amount of studies to see huge positive changes in your life. Many of our other students work full-time, have businesses, and families – all while enjoying the positive shifts from mastering their emotions and reprogramming their beliefs. Give it a try – and you will start noticing growth today! It can also help to think about the challenges you currently see in your life and how much time they take. How much smoother and easier would your life be if you resolved these challenges?

  • Making changes in your life can feel overwhelming. However, many of our students notice that as they take one course, and overcome one challenge, their progress makes them feel like a winner – which acts as fuel for growth. Simply making one small change can prime your mind and forge more of a growth mindset, making you motivated to empower yourself in all areas of life.

  • Yes! You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked.