1. What Are Boundaries?
  2. Why We Lose Touch With Our Boundaries
  3. The Art of Considering Yourself in An Externally-Focused World
  4. Why We Fear Setting Boundaries
  5. Types of Boundaries
  6. Types of Boundary Violations
  7. Boundaries in 7 Areas of Life
  8. Emotional Patterns & Core Beliefs that Create Poor Boundaries
  9. Boundary Identification Process (How to Even Know What Your Boundaries Are)
  10. Boundary Communication Process 
  11. Dealing With Objections
  12. Exposure-Response with Boundaries
  • 1


    • Disclaimer

  • 2

    Chapter 1

    • Welcome & Itinerary

    • Course Workbook

    • What Are Boundaries?

    • Why Did We Lose Touch With Our Boundaries? Root Causes

    • The Art Of Setting Boundaries: Taking Yourself Into Consideration

  • 3

    Chapter 2

    • Different Boundary Types & Types of Boundary Violations

    • In Depth: Boundaries In Each of The 7 Areas of Life

  • 4

    Chapter 3

    • Core Beliefs That Prevent You From Setting Boundaries

  • 5

    Chapter 4

    • How to Identify Your Boundaries: The Boundary Identification Process

    • How to Communicate Your Boundaries: A Four Step Process

  • 6

    Chapter 5

    • Exposure-Response Reprogramming for Setting Boundaries Naturally

    • Course Feedback

  • 7

    Workbook Exercises

    • How to Complete the Workbook Exercises (Webinar)

    • Workbook Exercise 1 (Part 1): Boundaries Chart

    • Workbook Exercise 1 (Part 2): Chart 2

    • Workbook Exercise 2: Reasons You Fear Setting Boundaries

    • Workbook Exercise 4: Boundary Negotiation Process

    • Workbook Exercise 5: Self-Discovery & Exploration of Boundaries - Bonus Awareness Exercise

    • Workbook Exercise 6: Boundary Reprogramming

Setting Boundaries to End Compulsive People-Pleasing & Create Authentic Connections

In this course on boundaries you will finally learn how to create thriving relationships without resentment, exhaustion or distress. You'll learn how to set boundaries in a way that deepens your connections, because you will learn to better understand and express yourself. You'll finally learn to feel seen, heard and understood through sharing your inner needs and making space to receive them!

This is an excellent course for changing codependent patterns, learning to speak up without feeling guilty, and more deeply understanding where you end and someone else begins!