The Personal Development School Success Stories

Listen to some of the things that our wonderful members have to say about their experience with PDS!

Andrea H

'Thais Gibson thank you. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Just by the simple fact of knowing that what I experience has a name and a treatment...your work is amazing and has helped me SO MUCH! Thank you.'

Diya S

'Wow! Thank you so much!

You guys are amazing. I can't help but imagine if the world could heal through your program, what kind of world we would be living in :)'

Jake F

'...I want to thank you so much for everything. What I have learned about myself through your YouTube channel and the PDS has completely changed my life!...You've helped me get to the root cause of my depression and reprogram some of the limiting beliefs that I had about myself...I don't think anyone has ever made such a positive impact on my life as you have, so thank you :)....'


'I started about 3 months ago and it's literally changing my life, I wish I would have known of it years ago! I've tried so many other things and nothing like Thais/PDS truly clicked for me. You won't regret it<3<3'

Andrea J

'...I FEEL humbly confident, qualified, empowered, more accepting of my imperfections and realized I have important things to share and people are benefiting. Thais, you sent me on a path that just keeps expanding. Endless opportunity to share what you've taught me and contribute to other['s] self awareness. Your work has been a catalyst for me. It's a journey and I feel equipped with the proper tools...Change your thoughts, change your life. It works it works!!'

Jessica V

'I just wanted to thank everyone here and especially Thais Gibson and Personal Development School for all you do. The advice you give is clear and results driven. You give practical advice with steps we can immediately use in real life situations. Joining has been a life changer. Thank you.'

Katie B

'So, I have to start this by thanking you! You have literally CHANGED MY LIFE in so many ways. I have cried to your videos, laughed with them, and literally gone through every emotion in the book, all the while, learning about who I really am and my behavior patterns in my life. I am forever grateful for your knowledge and you finding the time to share it with others...I am SO grateful for your existence <3 your videos educate me FAR more than any book or conference that I've ever been to or read.'

Annette D

'Over the years, I began to become more aware of dysfunctional patterns within me but I was never able to figure out what to DO about them… until I found Thais...I felt I was aware of certain destructive habits but could not for the life of me change them. When I first found Thais’ YouTube channel, I was amazed that someone seemed to know EXACTLY what was going on in my head, and not only that but was telling me that I had hope to change and live a happy and fulfilling life! I felt that joining the school was my only hope and I have not looked back ever since.'

Virginie L

'Hi, I've been doing a lot of work through PDS and I've found that it has impacted my life so very deeply, thank you so much to Thais and all of her team for this life changing (and I mean it) work. Thank you!'

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Listen to some of the things that our wonderful members have to say about their experience with PDS!

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