How to Repair Any Relationship

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you experience friction and conflict in your romantic relationship? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who oversteps your boundaries?

Does it ever feel like you:

  • Having constant disagreements and heated discussions with your partner? 
  • Knowing you should apologize to a friend or family member, but you don’t know how? 
  • Feeling sad because you haven’t spoken to a family member for years?
  • Getting exhausted every time you spend time with that particular family member or friend who can’t stop venting?
  • Having difficulties expressing your feelings and needs with someone in your life because they get defensive or angry? 
  • Falling apart from your best friend of 10 years?

If so, you’re not alone. All of these challenges have a common root cause. And in this course, we’ll look at it and rewrite your relationship patterns for good so you can welcome lost connections back in your life.

In this course, you can look forward to…

  • Learning a powerful framework for de-escalating conflict that will serve you for the rest of your life, so you can experience more harmony in your relationships.
  • Getting the exact steps for how to apologize or ask for/accept an apology, so you can finally repair that broken relationship.
  • Cultivating the strength, courage, and vocabulary to reach out to someone with whom you lost touch  and want to re-establish contact. 
  • Getting clear on your boundaries, so you can show up in integrity and be fully present in all your relationships – without getting exhausted afterward.
  • Managing disagreements with grace, so you can create conscious conversations with all the people in your life.
  • Healing a relationship where you’re growing apart while cultivating the space for both of you to evolve.

Here's A Sneak Peek Into What We'll Cover


    1. Welcome & Itinerary

    2. Course Workbook

    3. What is the Power Struggle Phase?

    4. Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    5. Clarity: Boundaries, Deadlines and Intentions

    1. Expectations and Unmet Needs

    2. Primary and Secondary Trigger Patterns

    3. Communication and De-escalating

    4. Boundaries and 5 Ways Communication Goes Wrong

    1. Major Power Struggle Tools and How to Create Acceptance

    2. Vulnerability, Sympathy and Empathy

    3. Accountability, Compromise and Apologies

    1. Expectations, Needs, Love Languages and Fears

    2. Re-bonding for FA's, DA's, AA's and Secure Attachment Styles

    3. Strategies to Meet Each Other Needs and Moving through Challenges as a Team

How It Works

The How to Repair Any Relationship course is 100% online and self-paced. The micro-learning format makes it easy to learn on the go!


    The material is delivered to you by personal development expert Thais Gibson, with 10+ years of experience. Her captivating teaching style makes the courses easy to follow without prior knowledge.


    The material is delivered to you by personal development expert Thais Gibson, with 10+ years of experience. Her captivating teaching style makes the courses easy to follow without prior knowledge.


    Congratulations – you just unlocked one of the most important skills we can learn as humans: how to repair any relationship! Expect your close connections to transform into new levels of understanding and harmony.

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How to Repair Any Relationship

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This course is for you if you want the tools to turn a toxic bond into a healthy relationship – or, if your partner or someone close to you is unwilling to address the underlying issues and refuses to accept responsibility, learn to let go with grace. A broken relationship can often be healed with the right strategies and techniques. In this course, you'll learn a healthy way of building a solid relationship where both you and your partner (or the other person if it's some other kind of relationship) get to share your feelings. If you feel the need, don't hesitate to seek professional help from e.g. a marriage and family therapist. A relationship specialist or licensed therapist can be a valuable support and result in a stronger relationship. That said, the tools in this course will go far in helping you to rebuild trust in a broken relationship and learn how to take your partner's feelings into account while keeping your boundaries solid.

  • Yes, this course is designed to be taken as a single course. It will give you tools to help you with your emotional well-being and mental health. Whether you're in an established or new relationship, or are currently single, this course is for you. It helps you heal broken trust both in romantic and platonic relationships. You'll get support with the healing process and with taking responsibility for relationships worth fighting for. You'll also learn when to move forward to protect your mental health and self-worth.

  • The How To Repair Any Relationship Course is made for people with a full schedule. We often think we don't have time – but when we look closer, the real reason is an underlying fear of change. At times, we identify with the wounded aspects of ourselves so much that we resist being brutally honest about what changes we need. This course can be just what you need to keep moving forward with your healing process and rebuild trust in a relationship. Just think about how much time you will save without worrying about your relationships. Instead, you can enjoy a more stable and balanced relationship with quality time and date nights.

  • The All-Access Pass gives you access to our entire course library with courses that can help you rebuild trust. Take courses on all four attachment styles to understand yourself and your partner better, and uncover the reasons behind why you may have experienced conflict. With the All-Access Pass, making a commitment to your growth gets easier than ever. Talk to the other students in our supportive community and feel the relief of not being alone.

  • Yes, you can easily cancel anytime – no questions asked.

  • Rebuilding trust in a relationship and overcoming relationship problems require openness to emotional intimacy. Negative emotions around vulnerability and transparency often come from a perceived lack of emotional safety. This can be particularly challenging if you have an insecure attachment style. If you or your partner had an affair, partner trust must be rekindled. Individual therapy or couples therapy/marriage counseling are ways to make a commitment while being held accountable. A neutral third party can help provide guidance and professional help for your unique situation. That said, this course will help you lower conflict, practice active listening, and make a conscious decision on how to move forward. Most importantly, to re-establish trust, both parties must take full responsibility. Scheduling quality time together is essential to restore trust in a relationship.

  • In this course, you will learn a solid method for how to determine when to stick to the commitment of a relationship and when to let go. You must understand where your boundaries lie, and don't allow yourself to stay in a situation for a long time with someone who might not be meeting you or is unwilling to talk. Even if there is a significant breach, for example, if your partner cheated, there are ways of moving forward – sometimes without needing individual therapy or seeing a couples counselor. You might just have lacked the right tools and communication methods – things you will get in this course.