Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Itinerary

    2. Course Workbook

    3. What is the Power Struggle Phase?

    4. Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    5. Clarity: Boundaries, Deadlines and Intentions

    1. Expectations and Unmet Needs

    2. Primary and Secondary Trigger Patterns

    3. Communication and De-escalating

    4. Boundaries and 5 Ways Communication Goes Wrong

    1. Major Power Struggle Tools and How to Create Acceptance

    2. Vulnerability, Sympathy and Empathy

    3. Accountability, Compromise and Apologies

    1. Expectations, Needs, Love Languages and Fears

    2. Re-bonding for FA's, DA's, AA's and Secure Attachment Styles

    3. Strategies to Meet Each Other Needs and Moving through Challenges as a Team

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