How to Heal From a Breakup & Transform Grief

In less than 1 week, you can learn to turn breakups into breakthroughs and experience new levels of love, joy, and connection through our simple, 5-star-rated 5-step framework

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you take breakups very hard, because on top of the heartbreak, you beat yourself up? Do you fear you will never find love again?

Does it ever feel like you:

  • Make breakups mean something about you, repeating stories like “I am not good enough” or “if only I would have been a little funnier/smarter/hotter, we would still be together”?  
  • Distract yourself from feeling after a breakup, turning to drinking, binge eating, or overworking?
  • Run from one relationship to the next, ending up with less than ideal partners, to avoid being alone?
  • Put your romantic partners on a pedestal, and feel like you’re losing yourself when a relationship ends?
  • Feel guilt and shame for “failing” the relationship?
  • Forget about friends and family when you’re in a relationship, only to feel vulnerable and lonely after a breakup?

If one or many of these resonated… you’re not alone, and it is 100% possible to change these patterns for good! And when it’s time, pave the path for attracting your most aligned partner yet (they’re out there waiting for you!).

In this course, you can look forward to…

  • Releasing limiting stories, so you can keep your self-esteem high and turn pain into learning opportunities.
  • Learning to be present with your emotions, so you can allow yourself to “feel it to heal it”.
  • Being comfortable with being on your own, so you can avoid meeting the same partner in a different person and get ready for your soulmate.
  • Acknowledging your gifts and qualities, so you can feel whole and complete now.
  • Cultivating compassion for yourself and extracting the gold nuggets from your relationships, so you can shift from grief to gratitude.
  • Strengthening your most important relationship – the one with yourself! – so you can enter new romantic relationships from an open-hearted and balanced state.

Here's A Sneak Peek Into What We'll Cover


    1. Course Workbook

    2. Welcome & Itinerary

    3. Why Breakups Hurt?

    4. Key Components of a Breakup During the 6 Stages of a Relationship

    5. Workbook Exercise 1: How to Heal from A Breakup & Overcome Grief

    1. How Different Attachment Styles Respond to Breakups

    2. The No Contact Rule

    1. The Clearing Process; Changing Your Perception

    2. Workbook Exercise 2: Integration Process to Transform Breakup Wounds

    3. A Short Story In Changing Your Perception

    4. The Story About Yourself

    5. Workbook Exercise 3 (Part 1): Changing Your Stories

    6. Workbook Exercise 3 (Part 2): Rewriting Your Headline

    7. Fulfilling Your Unmet Needs

    8. Workbook Exercise 4: Healing the Void of Unmet Needs

    1. The Golden Shadow

    2. Workbook Exercise 5 (Part 1): The Golden Shadow

    3. Workbook Exercise 5 (Part 2): The Golden Shadow

    4. Restructuring Your Life and Habits

    5. Workbook Exercise 6: Creating New Habits

    6. Workbook Exercise 7: Healthy Habits Worksheet

    7. Course Feedback

How It Works

The How to Heal From a Breakup & Transform Grief course is online and self-paced. Take it in one go, or do one module whenever you have a moment. The handy micro-learning format lets you watch a video in just 7 minutes!


    Personal development expert Thais Gibson is known for her captivating teaching style and cutting-edge curriculum targeting the root cause, so you can finally heal life-long traumas!


    You can print the workbook or use it on the screen. The exercises will help you connect the dots between the course content and your situation, and help shine a light on what patterns are holding you back.


    Optional: frame it and put it on your wall. Be proud of yourself – you have now paved the path for a whole new way of showing up in your relationships, and cultivated more love and compassion for yourself!

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How to Heal From a Breakup & Transform Grief

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    On-Demand Course Videos
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This course can be the 1 thing that changes everything!

Congratulation! Since you’ve made it all the way here, I know one thing about you: you are dedicated to changing. You are a tenacious and brave person. And you will 100% make it. Let’s get this journey started - I believe in you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's normal to feel sadness and grief at the end of a relationship. If you want to learn how to move through the healing process with grace and compassion for yourself, and alchemize the negative emotions so that your next relationship can be the best one yet, this course is for you! It will help you set yourself up for future relationships that are aligned, no matter what you have experienced in the past.

  • Depending on how the relationship ended, it's common to either idealize or resent your ex-partner. This course will help you neutralize those intense emotions and see the relationship ending from a more objective standpoint. A breakup usually triggers our deepest core wounds, even though the process and what we focus on differ depending on attachment style. An important step if you feel negative emotions arise, such as the fear of never finding someone new, is remembering that this is just a feeling and not an absolute truth. Besides looking at what subconscious beliefs are arising, which is invaluable information for your healing process (and which is exactly what we'll do in the course), allocate more time than usual to self-care. Finally, remember that we often feel worse just before the positive emotions return.

  • A relationship inevitably includes some level of enmeshment – emotional and/or physical. The physical enmeshment is often more pronounced in the later stages of a relationship, when you might have a shared home, pets, and kids. Naturally, it might be easier to get over a breakup when you "only" have the emotional component and no shared habits, belongings, or responsibilities. If you can't fully detach because of physical reminders, e.g. working together, kids, mutual friends, or other relationships, the first step is to accept the situation since resistance creates more friction. When you don't need to be in touch with your ex-partner for practical reasons, focus on creating new memories, on your own or with your close friends. Take on a new hobby, change your habits such as going to a coffee shop where you have never been, and surround yourself with supportive people. If needed for your mental health, talk to a relationship coach or professional counselor. Remember that you are strong enough to go through anything – but don't be afraid of leaning on your support system.

  • If you follow your former partner on social media, consider a social media detox. If you don't have any practical reasons – like co-parenting – to communicate regularly, it can feel like a relief to block your ex's number – at least for a period of time – to prevent yourself from spontaneous phone calls when you feel sad. Taking some time with no contact to get back in your own energy and new rhythm is fine even if you want to stay friends, and nothing to feel embarrassed or bad about. Spending time with your closest friends and talking things through can help you post breakup – just make sure you're not distracting yourself from feeling and self-reflection. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad and even though feelings can be uncomfortable, they can't hurt you. You are safe. Remember that the healing process doesn't have a time limit, and that the time it takes to get over a breakup varies from person to person, but also from relationship to relationship. It might be a good idea not to make any major decisions immediately after the breakup. Since a relationship can have you partly lose sight of who you are as an individual, you may need time to find your new identity, and your desires and dreams will likely change as you recreate yourself. If you're going through a particularly tough time and your mental health is affected negatively, and you need additional individualized support to get through your daily life, you may consider talking to a relationship coach or family therapist. The Personal Development School offers relationship coach services through our certified Integrated Attachment Theory coaches.

  • Absolutely! This course will provide you with powerful tools to get over a breakup, with all the negative feelings and emotional pain it can entail. While it's perfectly normal to feel sad and experience painful emotions, a breakup holds a massive opportunity for personal growth. It is like opening a window into your subconscious and the limiting patterns you may hold on to – and this course will give you healthy ways to leverage those insights, all while honoring your healing process. You get the strategies, tools and techniques to avoid getting stuck in those difficult feelings. You will complete the course with a new level of self-compassion and be able to celebrate your positive qualities as you release any resentment toward your former partner!

  • If you are a person who wants to learn how to process your feelings in a healthy way, become your own best friend, and pave the path for your best relationship yet, this course is an invaluable investment. Most of our students work full-time, and have relationships, families, and other commitments. The micro-learning format allows you to take a module on-the-go, and the total length of the course is less than a movie at the cinemas. Compare that to the time and energy it takes to suppress your feelings and judge them as wrong, and how much better you would feel without that weight!

  • Thais Gibson created the How to Heal From a Breakup & Transform Grief course to help you focus on the learning outcomes of a breakup, so you can move on with your life, and when it's time, call in your next partner without repeating what didn't work so well in your past relationship. She's covered a lot to help your next relationship be your best yet! That said, if you want to see a real shift in your love life and new relationship, we recommend the courses on attachment styles. Those and many other courses are included in your All-Access Pass. It will serve you if you are a person who engages in things like keeping tabs or controlling your partner, or often experiences feelings of anxiety or fear of abandonment. Included in your All-Access Pass are weekly routines like sharing circles where you can talk about your feelings with a supportive community, meditations, live Q&As with Thais, and more! You can also book a session with a dating coach to discuss your relationship and feelings with someone besides a trusted friend.

  • Yes! You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked.