Course Curriculum

    1. PDS An Introduction to Conscious Parenting Course Workbook

    2. Conscious Parenting Scripts

    3. Intro & Itinerary

    4. Conscious Parenting vs Classical Conditioning

    5. Qualities of the Unconscious Parent

    1. Parenting Styles

    1. Parenting Goals & Strategies

    1. The Six Key Qualities to Raise a Thriving Child

    2. Conscious Parenting in the 4 Stages of Development - The Sensorimotor Stage

    3. The 4 Stages of Development - The Preoperational Stage & The Concrete Stage

    4. The 4 Stages of Development - The Formal Operational Stage

    1. 12 Key Principles for Conscious Parenting

    2. Course Feedback

About this course

  • $119.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

An Introduction to Conscious Parenting

This course is an introduction to conscious parenting. You will learn what this really is and incredible tools to help you regulate yourself in the role of a parent. You’ll learn about your triggers and shadow as your children are helping you to see the wounded parts of yourself and learn to transform them.

You’ll also learn tools and strategies to parent for a securely attached child, and how to become the most secure version of yourself as you move through this parenting experience. This course has many exercises, communication scripts and 12 key principles for conscious parenting.