Welcome to the PDS Attachment Coaching page! Attachment coaches will help you to make the most out of your personal development journey with PDS.
WHAT IS IT: Your Attachment Coach has been trained to help you progress effectively and efficiently through your courses. They have been trained extensively by Thais and are equipped with the knowledge required to set you on a path of personal development success.

HOW IT WORKS: You will meet with your attachment coach as little or as frequently as their availability permits to have your questions answered about your course work. The questions will be required to be submitted 24 hours in advance of your meeting to your coach, and you can work through them together during your call the following day. Please note that we require 72 hours notice for an appointment to be cancelled. If we do not receive the required notice, you will be billed for your session.

We typically recommend meeting with your coach bi-weekly for the best results!

Please note that these coaches are not therapists or meant to give medical advice, and rather will support you throughout your course work journey by directing you towards the proper resources, help you plan your course progression, and answer your questions regarding your course work.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Begin booking time slots with your coaches below! Select the date and time in the Acuity app that you wish to meet with your coach. Please note that we highly recommend booking bi-weekly appointments in advance as there is high demand and we cannot guarantee continued meetings without pre-booked appointments.


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"The Personal development field is an area where I can experience genuine connection with myself and others.

My heart sings when I witness how someone feels better, hopeful or motivated.

To me, making a difference means helping people to see their own uniqueness and helping to liberate them from painful, negative self perception." - Joanna

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Thais Gibson: An Interview

With Mike & Joanna